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غیبت پر آڈیو لیکچرز از پروفیسر محمد عقیل

غیبت پر آڈیو لیکچرز از پروفیسر محمد عقیل
Audio / Video
On this page, you will find various audio lectures by Prof Aqil. They were delivered as a part of our online ‘Tazkia-e-Nafs’ (تزکیہ نفس) programme.

The first lecture was about Back-biting or Gheebat. The lecture is presented here in the form of six audio files. To Download, please ‘Click Icon‘, it will open a new window/tab playing the audio of the lecture. Otherwise ‘Right click‘ on that icon and select ‘Save As‘ to download it onto your computer.
1.Gheebat Ka Taarruf
غیبت کا تعارف

2.Kab Burai Bayan Karna Gheebat Ha
کب برائی بیان کرنا غیبت ہے

3.Gheebat Asbab aur Bachao kay Tareeqay
غیبت، اسباب اور بچاؤ کے طریقے

4۔Gheebat ko Samajhnay ki Mashqain
غیبت کو سمجھنے کی مشقیں

5۔Gheebat Q&A – 1
غیبت سوال و جواب ۔

6۔Gheebat Q&A – 2
غیبت سوال و جواب ۔